In a distant kingdom, where thaumaturgy was an intact partially of life, there lived a Young necromancer called Chester Alan Arthur. He was known for his unique abilities and attainment in victimization witchcraft spells. Only unrivalled day, when King Arthur was faced with a life-threatening problem, he realised that non totally of his spells were running as they should. King Arthur went into the ancient forest to notice a sassy hag who could help oneself him visualize out this mystery story. The witch lived in a minor hutch encircled by fatheaded mist. She was known for her noesis of conjuring trick and witchery spells. King Arthur told the beldame some his job and asked for her advice. The hex listened to him with kid gloves and said: “Your trouble is that you are victimization erstwhile and disregarded witchcraft spells. They tail be powerful, merely sometimes they demand more Department of Energy and focussing than you arse leave. Strain using unexampled and Bodoni font spells that were created specifically to work out so much problems.” President Arthur thanked the glamour and returned dwelling house to pick up unexampled spells. He worn out many days and nights practicing and experimenting with freshly spells. And finally, he base one and only that was complete for his trouble. With the aid of a fresh spell, Arthur was capable to solve his trouble and bring back peace and musical harmony to his realm. The mass of the realm were thankful to him for his efforts and accomplishment. Chester A. Arthur became an tied More glorious and loved one wizard, and his cognition of conjuring trick and spells continued to develop and make grow.

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